Our Mission

To us, this isnt just activism of a passion, this is a mission. We will continue to work in our creative and dynamic industry of environmentally friendly, earth loving people together towards a better, more sustainable future for everyone on the planet.

Veggios is here to create a positive and healthy community of environmentally conscious, future thinking consumers, businesses, and organizations. Our vision is to highlight and spread news and information on foods, beverages, and goods that are truly sustainable; all around the globe. The world is becoming more polluted, oil is not forever, farms destroy treelands, many people in society are in famine, and it's about time food was grown, sourced, and consumed, all by local means.

Please view these wonderful videos to get a better idea of why we decided to start Veggios.com

Sustainable, Locally Sourced, Produce and Goods

" Here at veggios, we aim to bring sustainable produce, their sources, and where you can find the freshest, locally grown food, all to the palm of your hand. We strive to help propel the world's movement towards sustainable agriculture, growing methods, and food practices through a network of producers, consumers, and everyone in between. Visit our pages and watch our network grow. "

- Mark, Veggios.com

Mr. Mushroom's Frozen Pizza
Sustainable Food Producer

Veggios.com Purposes:

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  4. Sustainable Production Advocate
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  6. Environmentally-Friendly Agriculture Encourager
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